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conducted tours guided transfers historical tours battlefield tours south africas eastern cape

About Shield Tours

Shield Tours was founded in Port Elizabeth in 2000 in response to the growing popularity of this city and its surrounds as a tourist  destination. Nelson Mandela Bay has so much to offer in the way of history, heritage, culture, natural beauty and interesting people. By exploring the region, visitors are able to get a real taste of this part of South Africa and the natural and cultural wealth that it so  readily offers.

Shield Tours is a chapter member of SATSA: no. 1407. As such, we are involved in the decision-making process on a local and regional level, playing an integral role in the tourism industry of South Africa.

Member of SATSA - Sheild Tours

We use qualified tour guides who are willing and equipped to provide interesting insights into various attractions and activities, and are knowledgeable enough to answer your impromptu questions along the way.

This is what makes our tours so interesting and memorable.

Meet the Team

The team behind Shield is one that works together to ensure a thriving, growing company that is committed to tourism in South Africa. We are comprised of three shareholders (as well as valued support staff) – Igna Tregoning.

Igna Tregoning

Igna joined Shield Tours in 2006 and is a CATHSSETA-registered tour guide for the Eastern Cape and Western Cape of South Africa. Her BSc degree in botany and biochemistry is complemented by an interest in local and international history, as well as in fauna and flora. This places Igna in an optimal position to have unique insights into the South Africa that tourists experience and to continue to build her repertoire. In her spare time, Igna enjoys cooking, using her expertise to cater for events and celebrations, or for her own family gatherings.

conducted tours guided transfers historical tours battlefield tours south africas eastern cape